Welcome to the home of the ECOSAFE solution and Environmental Management System. This site is dedicated to the beautification of our planet Earth and the conservation of our natural environmental resources, by new and proven technologies. 

Our Mission


Our companies are dedicated to the preservation of the natural environment and the concept voiced above.  To this end, we have conducted research looking for environmental solutions applicable to the protection and restoration of the environment, so that our precious water resources, soils and our ecosystem are maintained for the enjoyment of all mankind and all natural living organisms.



We have developed a patent-pending in-situ/ex-situ chemical treatment technology namedECOSAFE, an environmentally safe solution that when used with our ECOSAFE Environmental Management System (EEMS),  penetrates into the soil and degrades organic compounds in the water phase.  This solution and process degrades these organic compounds by reduction/oxidation,  and enhances and accelerates the bioremediation process, in-situ/ex-situ, and in most cases without the need of excavations.  This new approach combines a chemical treatment (degradation) of the targeted contaminant facilitating the use of the ECOSAFE solution with bioavailability of the contaminant in the water phase, by the formulation and the biostimulation of the native bacteria.

The novel aspect of this technology is that it has proven how it degrades the targeted organic compound, by means of a reduction-oxidation reaction in the water phase, to; nitrates, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water.  When treating halogenated compounds the corresponding hydrated halogen will be present, example; chlorinated solvents, and HCL will be present as one of the final constituents. 

Once the combination of an in-situ chemical treatment is combined with the bioavailability factor and the biostimulation of the native bacteria, the method of delivery to the affected area is achieved, the process accelerates any given traditional bioremediation by also eliminating the traditional bottlenecks in the bioremediation process summarized as follows:

The formulation and application methodology  we developed,  allows the elimination of each of these bottlenecks and the resulting synergistic effect, by reducing bioremediation times by 30 to 70 percent and the cost of the environmental clean-up project by 15 to 50 percent.  Sometimes,  more significant savings are obtained from being able to continue with the operation of the business, while the remediation is being performed.  (There is no need to shut down active operations of the site being treated.)

Another important aspect of this technology is the simultaneous treatment of the contaminated soil and ground water.  The ECOSAFE  formulation works on soil, water and organic matrix by using the mechanisms explained above.