The ECOSAFE® solution is a mixture of nutrients that blends together natural sequestrants, surfactants, and emulsifying agents.   The solution acts with great solvency effect to homogenize and degrade the organics in the water matrix.  It is 100% biodegradable and safely treats and degrades organics originating from petroleum products, industrial by-products, human waste, animals, and plants to name a few.


The ECOSAFE® solution penetrates into the soil emulsifying and degrading organic compounds, breaking them up into suspended particles "micro-emulsions" that repel each other, changing the molecular structure of organics by deactivation of the chemical functional groups; hazardous characteristics, coating properties and toxicity.   The process accelerates one or more of the same geochemical dissolution reactions that alters contaminant concentration in water matrix, soil matrix and pure organic phase system such as: desorption, reduction/oxidation, bioavailability and biodegradation.  The targeted organics become homogeneous and water soluble after contact with our ECOSAFE® solution. 

The end result is a mixture of dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrates and nitrites.  When treating halogenated organics, the correspondent halogen ion will be present in the water matrix.  The noble aspect of this technology is that all reactions occur in the water phase.  This technology is a combination of a chemical treatment, bioavailability factors, biostimulation and biodegradation.

Key Benefits:

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